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Laminate – what is it?

Laminate is a type of flooring which has a high percentage of wood – over 80%. It consists of four layers: top, surface layer, which provides durability, wear and stain resistance; then the decorative layer made of printed paper, which gives it its final look and provides unlimited possibilities to create patterns; the third layer is the carrier layer and it consists of high density fibreboard, thanks to which it gets its strength; and the last is the stabilizing layer which serves to protect your floor from moisture penetration.

The advantages of laminate floors

The advantages of laminate floors are numerous:

  • it is extremely comfortable to walk on and has great thermal stability;
  • its new acoustic surface ensures that noise is kept out of your living space;
  • Tarkett laminate has increased shock resistance, and therefore represents an ideal flooring for rooms such as children’s room and kitchens;
  • it is easy to maintain – wiping and vacuuming are enough;
  • Tarkett laminate is treated in a special way in order to be water resistant;
  • thanks to new printing techniques, the laminate offers a variety of patterns – wood, stone, graphics, bevelled edges; then, surface effects – glossy, matt, relief finish, antislip surface;
  • Tarkett laminate flooring is non-slip, which is particularly important in bathrooms and kitchens;
  • it is economical;
  • thanks to new joining systems, it is easy to install.

Laminate flooring installation

Laminate flooring installation is extremely easy. Still, it requires several preliminary actions:

  • Before installation it must acclimate to the temperature of the room in which it will be installed. The packed laminate should be kept in the room for at least 48 hours before installation.
  • Determining the installation direction.It is recommended to place the laminate boards along the length of the room, towards the main source of light.
  • The underlay on which this laminate flooring is installed must be dry, level, hard, compact and clean.
  • The moisture of the underlay should be less than 2%.
  • it is possible to install it over the underfloor heating system, provided that the heating element is installed in concrete or some other underlay.
  • The temperature of the laminate surface must not exceed 28 °C.
  • Thanks to its assembly system, the matching is very easy.All you need is one finger.Take the long side of the board and connect it with another board.The matching is completed when you hear a ‘click’.

Laminate flooring maintenance

Laminate flooring maintenance is very easy. For regular cleaning, wiping with a dry cloth or vacuuming is enough. If you consider it necessary, you can wipe the floor using a damp, well drained cloth. We recommend that you use laminate floor maintenance products. It is important to wipe the floor with a dry cloth afterwards. You should remove stains and spots with cleaning products as soon as they appear. When you use a concentrated solution, first read the instructions carefully. Never use any kind of product in the form of a spray directly on the floor.

Tarkett laminate floors will offer an unforgettable sense of comfort and beauty in your home. In order to choose the collection which best suits you and your needs, take a look at the laminate collections