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Sports Parquet

You are renovating or building a sports hall for basketball, handball, volleyball, dancing or martial arts?You need a quality sports surface solution which has high shock absorption, a great ball rebound and a non-slip surface?The right solution for you is quality sports parquets, which, due to the high degree of shock absorption, protect the joints of athletes from injuries, enable a high quality of play, due to the surface which prevents premature and uncontrollable slipping of players on the sports surface, but they also enable skidding at extremely high forces the players make during play.There are several types of sports parquet, and the choice of a suitable sports parquet depends, above all, on the purpose of your sports hall.

Sports Parquet

Tarkett Proflex M - Sports Parquet for Basketball

  • Provides ideal levels of performance
  • International surface of choice for basketball
  • Approved by the highest national and international authorities such as the FIBA, FFBB, IHF, WSF and WVBF
  • Top of the range for basketball use and high level competition thanks to excellent sports performances
  • Extremely durable thanks to the Proteco surface treatment

Tarkett Multiflex M - Sports Parquet for Sports Halls being renovated

  • Proteco lacquer, a long lasting and safe solution:
  • Proteco avoids risks of scratches and guarantees a constant friction value over time and a perfect hygiene
  • Easy installation
  • Adapted for renovation thanks to the thickness (38 mm only)
  • Versatility

Tarkett Reflex M Evolution - Sports Parquet for multiple Sports

  • Extremely durable and safe;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Budget solution for all types of application;